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Blueberries Premieres At ACT

John Crutchfield's short play, Blueberries, premiered on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Asheville Community Theatre in a production by New Umbrella.

The play was presented as part of Story for Life, an evening of monologues and scenes based upon interviews with senior citizens. Among the other writers featured were Maryedith Burrell, Brenda Lilly, Patricia Greene, Tom Chalmers, Waylon Wood, Carla Pridgen, Dylan Babb, Lyn Nihart, and New Umbrella founder Elisabeth Gray.

"Blueberries" is based upon events in the childhood of celebrated Berlin actor Gerhard Kunath, as narrated to the playwright. The play was directed by Shane Meador and starred Ralph Redpath, Matt Burke, and Juliet Blanks.