Crutchfield Playscripts Available

Full-text playscripts of selected dramatic works by John Crutchfield are now available online at Indie Theatre Now. At present, available scripts include the verse-play triptych of The Songs of Robert, a delightful one-man show about a boy growing up in Southern Appalachia; Ruth, a contemporary adaptaptation of the Biblical story; and The Labyrinth, a wild modern-day retelling of the Orpheus myth. Also available are Solstice, an unsettling black comedy about friendship; Ivory, a realistic drama about personal and professional betrayal in the halls of Academia; Landscape With Missing Person, an “existential romantic comedy” about two misfits journeying across America; and now, as part of the anthology, Best of FringeNYC 2014: Come Thick Night: A Shakespearean Gruselkabinett.

For more info, click here.

NOTE: This website is no longer in operation. For information on acquiring a script, please contact the playwright at the email address given below, in the footer of this page.