In November of 2019, the Sublime Theater & Press presented the world premier of John Crutchfield’s My Crazy My Love: A Domestic Phantasmagoria in Three Acts. The play starred Steve Samuels as “Archibald ‘Bub’ Finkelstein,” patriarch of a dysfunctional family and the worst fiddle-player of all time. Kathy O’Connor played his estranged wife “Julia,” and Olivia Stuller, Lydia Congdon and Emmaleigh Moriniti played their three impossibly dissimilar daughters, “Kristin,” “Karen” and “Kathryn”. The cast was rounded out by Julian Vorus as “Randall Hodges aka The Schlump” and Art Moore as “Scott McDowell aka The Demon Baalzebluglug”.

The show featured original music by local singer/songwriter Holiday Childress, original choreography (plus a striptease) by Kristi Deville, costume design by Scott Fisher and set design by the playwright.

Reviewer Michael Poandl of Asheville Stages called the play “sheer joyful gumption” and “something akin to a burning clown car on the side of the freeway”. That may very well be the highest praise we’ve ever received.