Black Snow Flying Upwards by John Crutchfield


Black Snow Flying Upwards, or: My Embarrassment is a twenty-minute solo performance I created in late 2007 and early 2008 while suffering from a horrendous flu. I had “essayed” the character and some of the material at the November, 2007 “No Shame Theatre” at NCStage in Asheville. I’m told a video of this performance is accessible online. What eventually premiered at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival at the end of January, 2008 was to a large extent improvised—at least as far as the movement was concerned. I had simply felt too weak to do much in the way of setting the choreography. The text was created by combining and adapting pirated material from my novella, The Wedding, and from my collection of prose miniatures, The Intimate Journals of Jacob Higginbotham. In the publicity for the festival, I described the piece as “a jittery vaudeville solo about a monotonous crucifixion. It’s also about love, death, hunger, memory, nausea, the mind, and the fragment of a leaf in someone’s hair.” That's about right.

Since then, I've performed the piece at Warren-Wilson College, at NCStage Company, and at Headlands Center for the Arts.

For a full-text pdf of the performance script, click on the link below. Please note that this is coyrighted material; anyone interested in obtaining the rights to reprint, publish, or perform the piece should contact me directly. (see "Biography" page)

Download Full Script (.pdf)