The website has published John Crutchfield’s latest personal essay, an eye-ear-nose-and-throat-witness account of the origins of the Old-Time music scene as it currently exists in Berlin, Germany.

When John moved to Berlin in 2013, he searched high and low for anything resembling an actual Old Time music scene. But to no avail. Not even placing his banjo on his knee and playing “Keep That Skillet Good An’ Greasy All The Time” conjured any like-minded souls. He had just about given up hope when, one spring day in 2014, a bizarre confluence of chance, desperation, and the peculiarities of Germanic urban planning lead to the felicitous meeting between John and a certain ethno-musicologist of no mean flat-picking chops. Maybe you know the guy. Anyway, what began as a random encounter between ex-pats soon led to a small but now vibrant Old-Time scene, and to a friendship.

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