The Strange And Tragical Adventures Of Pinocchio, Or...

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The Strange And Tragical Adventures Of Pinocchio, Or: Why Didn't I Just Stay A Damn Puppet?

In March 2013, the Magnetic Theatre presented the world premier of John Crutchfield's version of the Pinocchio story, subtitled "A Morality Play In Two Inappropriate Acts"

An irreverent and phantasmogorical adaptation of the original story by Carlo Collodi (famously prettified by Walt Disney in the 1940 animated film), the show was directed by the playwright, and featured an ensemble of Asheville's finest actors playing dozens of different roles--with celebrated puppeteer Madison J. Cripps as the title character. Sound design was by Mary Zogzas, lighting design by Jason Williams, costume design by Elizabeth Evans, and set design by Kehren Barbour.

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