On November 1, 2018, The Sublime Theater presented the world premier of John Crutchfield’s latest play, TRNZ: A Metamorphic Musical, directed by Producing Artistic Director Steve Samuels and starring local favorites Laura Tratnik, Julian Vorus, Terry Darakjy and Olivia Stuller. The show also featured original songs by the playwright, sound design by Mary Zogzas, choreography by Kristi DeVille, costume design by Kayren Reynolds McNeight, and sets and lighting design by Don Baker. The show ran for three weeks at Asheville’s storied BeBe Theater, and was the inaugural production of The Sublime Theater and Press.

TRNZ is set in modern day Berlin, in an exclusive underground discotheque where a young woman loses her way and is taken in by a mysterious older man. “I’ve always been interested in the dark side of human consciousness, the forces that pull us toward danger and transformation. That interest has grown more acute – and more conflicted – since I became a father,” Crutchfield says. He describes his latest work as “an ambiguous and somewhat creepy mythopoetic phantasmagoria,” adding, “As an artist, that’s just sort of how I roll.” The music for the show is a volatile mixture of minimalist ‘house’ music, cabaret-style songs, German lieder, and 18th Century Baroque orchestrations.

“It’s a beast of a play,” Crutchfield says, “And I couldn’t be more proud of how Steve and the actors and the whole team threw themselves into it and committed. The audiences felt that too, and whether they loved it or were just confused, they knew something extraordinary was happening in the room.”