On May 2, 2018, students in German 220 at UNCA performed Wo der Schuh drückt, their original German-language theatrical work on the theme of immigration. The title is taken from a German proverb: “Keiner weiß wo dem anderen der Schuh drückt,” literally: No one knows where the other person’s shoe pinches.

The performance took place in The Acting Lab on the UNCA Campus, and featured Kendall Breivogel, Caleb Corley, Pierce Hall, Jennifer Hanolt, Elena Keller, Harrod Lanier, Holly O’Brien, Abi Snow, Esten Steflik-Fabec and Sean Yoemans performing scenes and monologues of their own invention. The show was directed by Dr. John Crutchfield and produced by the UNC Department of Languages and Literatures.